Possible service degradation or disruption to Kolab Now

On Tuesday this week our staff received a ransom note from an entity that claimed to speak on behalf of the Armada Collective. The note stated that unless we were to pay them a certain amount of BitCoin, they would launch a large scale DDoS attack against Kolab Now.

We immediately informed the federal police and have been working with the data centre operator as well as other service providers to prepare for such an attack to the best of today's technical ability. But depending on the attack vectors chosen and the size of the attack, there may be a partial or even complete disruption of service while the attack is ongoing.

  • Users of the shared hosting / Software as a Service (SaaS) platform Kolab Now are likely to be most affected by this;
  • Users on the Dedicated Hosting Account are unlikely to be affected, as they are on dedicated resource, in a different network segment, on dedicated IP addresses;
  • Our websites may become slow, or even temporarily unavailable during such an attack;
  • Community resources under Kolab.org may be unavailable during that time because our technical team is going to prioritize the integrity, security and service of users on Kolab Now over all other services.

Our staff is well trained and prepared for such an attack and will not rest until it has restored full service for all our users. And we have taken additional precautions to ensure that the integrity of your data will at no time be threatened. In mitigating the attack we will give the Kolab Now service the highest priority while these attacks are ongoing.

To keep you informed, also while the websites may be impacted, we have set up a Kolab Service Status page, where we have already posted some background information. Even though our team will be under a lot of stress, we will keep updating it as the situation evolves. 

Please also keep an eye on our Twitter support channel for the lastest information.

We are very sorry about this and hope that it will turn out to be a false alarm. 

Thank you very much for your understanding and support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at support -at- kolabnow.com.

With best regards,
Your Kolab Now Team