There are several ways to access your Kolab Now account, so you can pick what works best for you. Click on your preferred applications from the list below to be taken to simple, step-by-step setup instructions for them.

Kolab Now strongly recommends using Free Software/ Open Source applications to connect to the service.

Web Browser

Our web application at works with all modern web browsers and operating systems. To use it, just click here and log in!

Please remember to use the full email address you registered (e.g. along with your password when logging in. We also provide a comprehensive user manual that explains all the features of our web application.

Microsoft Windows



Mobile Devices

  • Android phones and tablet setup instructions
  • iOS (iPhones, iPods and iPads) setup instructions

Other Clients

If your preferred client is not listed above, chances are that it "just works" with Kolab Now. In order to set up such clients, please have a look at the generic settings for other clients. If you would like to contribute instructions for another client, please contact us.

For other mobile phones and tablets, using the settings for other clients to set up an IMAP account in your preferred email app is recommended. For events, tasks and contacts, you can use the ActiveSync protocol. Create an "Exchange" or "Corporate" account on your device following the instructions here. Another option is to use the CardDAV and CalDAV protocol. Please see here for those.